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This low-top sneaker comes with a 100% wool upper and super-flexible natural rubber outsoles. The combination of pure hemp lining and wool-covered cork insoles ensures a fresh and healthy environment for your feet all day long.

All our sneakers are made from non-toxic, 97% natural ingredients. They are developed and crafted in Croatia with the greatest respect for the people and the environment.

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UPPER: 100% wool - water repellent & thermoregulating

LINING: 100% hemp - super breathable, lightweight & strong

INSOLE: cork covered with wool - antibacterial & odor resistant

OUTSOLE: 95% natural rubber latex - soft & flexible 

LACES: 100% eucalyptus

Mirets are the only sneakers in the world to hold the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX label for the entire product and not just specific components. This label means that our sneakers contain zero toxic substances harmful to human health which is why Mirets can so easily create and maintain a healthy environment for your feet.

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Tested for harmful substances

How to measure your foot?

 Foot lenght (cm) Foot lenght (inch) Miret size
21,7 - 22,3  8,54 - 8,78 34
22,4 - 22,9 8,82 - 9,02 35
23,0 - 23,6 9,05 - 9,29 36
23,7 - 24,2 9,33 - 9,57 37
24,3 - 24,9 9,61 - 9,80 38
25,0 - 25,6 9,84 - 10,08 39
25,7 - 26,2 10,12 - 10,35 40
26,3 - 26,9 10,39 - 10,59 41
27,0 - 27,5 10,63 - 10,87 42
27,6 - 28,2 10,91 - 11,14 43
28,3 - 28,9 11,18 - 11,38 44
29,0 - 29,5 11,42 - 11,65 45
29,6 - 30,2 11,69 - 11,93 46
30,3 - 30,9 11,97 - 12,17 47
31,0 - 31,5 12,20 - 12,44 48
31,6 - 32,2 12,48 - 12,76 49

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Currently we ship all over the world, but due to this, we don’t yet offer free shipping. The shipping cost will be calculated at the checkout. 

All orders will be shipped within one day after the payment, via express shipping option with 2-5 day delivery. If your order hasn’t arrived within that time, please contact us.   

Returns and Exchanges

You may exchange or return your items for a full refund within 30 days of having received them. Items need to be unworn, undamaged, in re-sellable condition (i.e. no creases or wear on outsoles), and in their original packaging.

To get started on an international return or exchange, send us an email to webshop@miret.co 


How to Care for Your MIRET Sneakers

To maintain the beautiful colour and appearance, we recommend gentle vacuuming with a soft nozzle. Pure wool is antistatic and does not attract dirt like other fabrics. The fabric is water repellent, so spillages are slow to penetrate the fabric.
For all the dust and mud stains, leave the stains to dry and vacuum clean them. After vacuuming, use your clean shoe (or tooth) brush.
For stains always soak up the liquid with a white kitchen towel as soon as possible. If the stain has dried on, remove as much of it as possible by vacuuming. Most stains and dirt can be removed using an ordinary pH-neutral detergent diluted in lukewarm water at normal strength.
Over time white dust will appear on the surface of the rubber outsoles. This is a natural process of curing of rubber and you can remove this dust with warm water, ordinary detergent and a soft brush.

Water Repellence

All MIRET sneakers come protected with a water-repellent coating which is completely natural, perfectly safe for the environment, human health and any type of material.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ivan Marenko from Australia
Product Quality & Service

Product quality - excellent, very light and well fitted shoe, it makes me feel cool & in-trend.
Service - i ordered the shoes on a Wednesday and they arrived on Monday - smooth flowing without any hick-ups - DHL express delivery service nicely kept me informed.

Very good shoes, issue with the recommended sizing

I am overall satisfied, built quality is good, materials are of good quality, promises are respected. Confortable, but not ultra-comfy (insole could be smoother) but I the upside of having natural material is largely compensating this.
The only downside for me is the sizing: I read the recommended foot length / shoe size table and carefully selected 45 which, according to said table it would be perfect, with more than 0.7cm margin. When I first tried the pair, I thought: size is OK, it is a bit tight vertically, like any new pair of shoes. But after 1 week, I have to admit they are too small, I should really have taken 46. It is now too late to send them back, of course.
I think there is something wrong with the recommended foot size / shoe size table on the website, or maybe my feet are special / not compatible with those sneakers. I don't know, but it is the first this happens, while it is definitively not the first time I order shoes from various manufacturers online (and the only time 45 doesn't fit me).

So: overall: really recommended, but futur customers: be careful when choosing your size. If in doubt when receiving them, don't hesitate to exchange for one number up.

Adam Barker

So good. Great quality with wonderful materials

Dean from Slovenia
Comfy and breathable

Love these. I already have a pair in green so I knew what I was buying. The sneakers are soft, comfortable and very breathable. Much, much more than canvas sneakers. The naturall rubber sole has oxidized a bit, which was expected, so it's not dark blue anymore but has a powdery patina. The laces could be a couple centimeters longer but it's no biggie.

Mario Zaccaria

jako sam zadovoljan

Made to last

Harvesting the power of nature with the strongest natural fibres - wool and hemp. Natural rubber outsoles are superior in abrasion resistance and stitched 360º for longevity.  3% synthetic thread and glue ensure durability.

Natural is better

Wool is an amazing material. It makes MIRET sneakers naturally thermoregulating and water-repellent. Both hemp lining and cork insoles have very low CO2 emissions, making them the most sustainable parts of our sneakers. Outsoles are made from natural rubber resulting in a wonderful scent, while ensuring flexibility and good grip.

Clean & Fresh

No more summer cringe! Bacteria resistant wool, hemp and cork maintain a fresh and healthy environment for your feet. The hydrophobic and dirt-repellent wool upper keeps your feet dry and your sneakers clean.


Just like sheep.


Like wearing clouds.


Stinky feet season is over.

MIRET in action

Don't be afraid to get your Miret sneakers dirty.