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Water and stain protector spray

Water and stain protector spray

All MIRET sneakers are protected with a 100% natural lotus-effect layer. It keeps your sneakers dry and clean.

You can restore the original MIRET water-repellency by yourself with the MIRET Protector Spray. You can even use the spray to water-proof your other sneakers, shoes, boots and even jackets and coats.

Other water-repellant treatments are petroleum based and contain harmful chemicals which can seriously harm the environment, especially aquatic life where they can have prolonged negative effects. Most often they also contain solvents which are very harmful for human health as well. 

The MIRET Protector spray will protect both your sneakers and the environment. It is completely natural and cannot harm the environment. It is chemically non-reactive and will not harm any type of material (textiles, wool, leather...).


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