LESHY Larch x Optic Outsole
LESHY Larch x Optic Outsole
LESHY Larch x Optic Outsole

LESHY Larch x Optic Outsole

Bio-based sneakers, made almost entirely from natural materials, ethically crafted in the EU with the greatest respect for people and the environment.

Pure wool outside, pure hemp inside
Vegan friendly
Lightweight and flexible
Odour, bacteria and fungi resistant
Water and stain repellent

Size EU 34

Only left in stock

natural is better

MIRET sneakers are bio-based and natural, all for perfect reasons.

Hemp is from the inside because it is breathable and odour resistant. The ergonomical insole is cork which is bacteria-resistant. Laces are eucalyptus, reinforcements are kenaf, jute and corn...

Every plant has it's specific role.

comfy and feather light

MIRET outsoles are the most flexible out there, because they are made out of pure natural latex, no compromise.

made to last

Harvesting the power of nature with the strongest natural fiber - hemp.

clean and fresh

An invisible "lotus effect" coating repels water to keep your feet dry and protected.

The coating also repels dirt which comes off easily with a soft brush.

And of course, our special coating is non-toxic and degrades naturally with zero impact to the environment.